INFINITE Spelling Bee

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What is INFINITE Spelling Bee?

Infinite Brain Ltd.’s Infinite Spelling Bee is an English language skills competition held in 2022. Infinite Spelling Bee provides opportunities for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 from all over the country to showcase their potential and challenge themselves, especially with vocabulary
and spelling skills. Infinite Spelling Bee does not only aim to support English language skills but also boost confidence in communication and public speaking skills both in English and other languages.

The participants will be challenged mainly on vocabulary and definition. The structure of the test is divided into 5 parts, including dictation, pictorial dictation, unscrambling the words, writing the words from clues, and finding errors in the passage. Each level differs in difficulty and
test structures.

The competition will be completed on-site only. An online platform is not available.

The competition is divided into 5 levels
1. Level 1: Grade 1-2
2. Level 2: Grade 3-4
3. Level 3: Grade 5-6
4. Level 4: Grade 7-9
5. Level 5: Grade 10-12


Registration date: 13 August – 15 October 2022
Test date: Sunday 30th October 2022
Price: 750 baht per person
Venue: Kasetsart University, Bangkhen, Office of Computer Service

INFINITE Spelling Bee

Grade LevelGrade 1 – Grade 12
Results will be compared within the same year level group
Paper-based test
Duration1 hour
*Dictionary is not permitted*

The competition is divided into 3 rounds

  1. Morning round
    The participants will complete 2 parts of the exam
    1) Dictation – 10 words
    2) Paper-based test (4 parts)
    The total score is 100.
  2. Afternoon round: Elimination round
    Qualified participants will be selected for the final round (10-20 students for each
  3. Final round: Oral competition


Champion - Top score

  • Champion

  • 1st runner up

  • 2nd runner up

Highest score for each categoryCertificate, medal & trophy

  • Prize: 5,000 baht

  • Prize: 3,000 baht

  • Prize: 1,500 baht

GoldTop 15% of participantsCertificate+ medal
SilverNext 20%Certificate+ medal
BronzeNext 30%Certificate+ medal
MeritScore more than halfCertificate
ParticipationThe rest of participantCertificate